Egyptian Terror

Another terrorist atrocity in Egypt, possibly perpetrated by Al Qaeda.
Time to investigate the root causes.
Could it have been Egypt’s sending of troops to Iraq? Well, as far as I’m aware, Egypt didn’t send any troops (it’s bad for business).
Must be the Zionist occupation..of Egypt.
The al-Qaida group in Iraq released an Internet video that appeared to highlight one pretext why terrorists might have targeted Sharm: the presence of Israeli tourists.
The video did not mention the Sharm bombings nor make any claim of responsibility. But it showed the interrogation of Egypt’s top envoy to Iraq, Ihab al-Sherif, whom the group kidnapped and said it killed earlier this month. In the video, the diplomat was asked about Egypt’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel, which allows Israelis to travel without visas to a zone known as “Part C,” along the Sinai’s eastern coast.
“From which point does Part C start?” a questioner asked al-Sherif. “From Taba to Sharm e-Sheikh,” he replied.
If you seek an evidence on how the Jews are desecrating the land of Muslims, contemplate the words of the Egyptian ambassador,” said a statement, posted with the video on an Islamic Web forum.
In other words, it is Egypt’s cold peace with Israel (arrived at after Israel handed back land it had captured in a war) that has provoked this attack.
Now surely you must see that terrorism will not stop if Israel gives back land. Unless, perhaps, the land is Israel itself! But even then, I doubt terrorism would cease until the entire Western world adopts the precepts of Islam.

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