JIB Awards 2005: Final Voting Round Now Open

The final round of voting for the 2005 JIB Awards is now open on the Jerusalem Post site.
The top six* vote-getters from the preliminary round have advanced to this final round of voting, joined by all nominees from the other categories that did not necessitate a preliminary round of voting.
The final awards go to the top three placers in each of the 17 categories. Voting closes February 2nd.
The final award winners will be announced on February 7th on both sites, and will be honored with fame and glory as well as JIB award banners (designed by Zahava Bogner, Ventures Consulting Group, Inc.) to post on their blogsites.
You can view all the nominees and relevant voting groups by clicking here.
You may vote once every three days in any single poll, and we suggest you read the competition rules before voting.
Ballot Stuffing: The Judges shall be regularly checking poll records and IP addresses, and in cases of multiple voting suspicious votes will be deleted. Results are provisional until formally declared. In the final round of voting we shall be blocking certain IP addresses which we have identified as engaging in irregular voting.
Please support the awards by voting in all categories and spread the word to your friends and family.
* Due to exact numerical ties, 7 nominees advanced to Round 2 from Best Series A, Best Post A and Best Personal B.

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