Questions Raised by the Death of Nahoul


Thanks to MemriTV and Israellycool contributor Elder of Ziyon, I present you this footage on the death of Nahoul the Bee.

Like in the case of the death of his predecessor Farfur the Mouse, this footage raises some serious questions:

  • Was that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh at the foot of Nahoul’s bed?
  • Not only is Assud the Rabbit’s parents human, but Nahoul was his sibling. In other words, there are humans, a bee and a rabbit in the family. Was this by the ‘Grace of Allah’?
  • Does the fact that Assud is pink and has a high-pitched voice make it more likely he would be hung in Iran?
  • Given that Assud the Rabbit is actually named after a lion, did he resent Nahoul?
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