Latest Israeli Torture Techniques: Belly Dancers


Ma’an “reports”:

Beatings and sexual humiliation are among the torments suffered by Palestinian detainees at an Israeli prison located near the West Bank city of Ramallah, new testimony from prisoners indicates.

Twenty-one-year-old Ramallah resident Sultan Abdullah Sulieman was recently released from the Ofer Prison, officially known as Incarceration Facility 386. In interviews with lawyers from the Palestinian Prisoners Society, he said that he spent forty days in solitary confinement in the facility.

Sulieman said that during one interrogation session, Israeli soldiers brought an “Iraqi girl” called “Nora” into the room. “Nora” danced “seductively” in front of Suleiman, moving close to him before moving away, he said.

The Arabic version reported by Palestine Today teases out more lurid details:

Sultan Sulaiman Abdullah (21 years) from Ramallah that the Ofer prison warders in the new style used in the investigation, where the girl who came and entered the prisoner during interrogation, sitting semi-naked in front of the captive and begin issuing the voices and gestures for tempting him and was approaching the degree of contact with her body and then his body.

Of course, this one person goes on to mention lots of other examples of torture, each of which sound as plausible as this one.

This article from 2004 listing Palestinian Arab prisoner demands interestingly didn’t ask for a stop of such “torture.” Instead, they ask for computers in each cell, plus dozens of other amenities than most hotels don’t have.

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