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Reader Post: What’s in a Name?

Reader Miriam brings an analogy to explain her objection to the term "Palestinian"

Quora: How To Ask Questions That Further Your Agenda

Quora is the newest spot for offloading Pallywoodian soil.

Joe’s World: Propaganda!

When the truth is too much to handle just say the magic word...

No, Israel Did Not Drop Barrel Bombs On Gaza

Latest Hamas war crimes claims against Israel is a dud

Reader Post: Dissection Of a Propaganda Video

A video crying out for a fisking

Let’s Play “Spot The 1930’s Nazi Propaganda”

A certain German publication is going down a slippery slope.

Al-Jazeera Being Al-Jazeera

The worst type of propaganda

140 Characters: Fauxtography Once More

A 19 year old photo from India

Trains Rolling Along And ‘Jews Living Happily in Auschwitz’

Trains are moving efficiently toward the new homes of the Jews and many hundreds of thousands of them are now living happily in Auschwitz and the other camps we have set up for them said moderate Nazi minister of Public Enlightenment, Joseph Goebbels

Dumbass Palestinian Terrorist Supporter Of The Day

Old and busted: Palestinian terrorists and their supporters posting photos of hurt or killed Syrian kids, claiming they are palestinian New hotness: Palestinian terrorists and their supporters posting photos of hurt or killed Israeli kids, claiming they are palestinian

Hamas And It’s Supporters Keep Faking It

We are seeing more incidences of Hamas and its supporters being loose with the truth to gain the upper hand in the information war

Lies My Gazan Told Me

This Al Jizz article asks Gazans about the truce that never was. The conclusion? They are full of sh*t. Abed al-Raouf Saedallah, 61, works in...


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