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The Wall Street Journal: 1948, Israel and the Palestinians: The True Story


Far from being the hapless objects of a predatory Zionist assault, it was Palestinian Arab leaders who from the early 1920s onward, and very much against the wishes of their own constituents, launched a relentless campaign to obliterate the Jewish national revival. This campaign culminated in the violent attempt to abort the U.N. resolution of Nov. 29, 1947, which called for the establishment of two states in Palestine. Had these leaders, and their counterparts in the neighboring Arab states, accepted the U.N. resolution, there would have been no war and no dislocation in the first place.

Now go read the rest. Assuming you don’t have an aversion to the truth.

Added by Brian of London:

The opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal is taken from Commentary magazine and is written by Efraim Karsh who’s books are well worth a look. He heads up one of the very few university departments in the UK that is actually doing worthy scholarship on the Middle East, not having been bought by rich Arabs with your oil money.

The full article appears here and is complete with extensive footnotes: a sign of exemplary scholarship and a clear mark that distinguishes this kind of well reasoned text from the nonsense put out by wannabe destroyers of Israel.

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