The Evil Zionist Settler Pigs Return

The evil Zionist settler pigs are back

Once again, Ma’an publishes this story with a straight face:

Settlers from the Ariel settlement have dumped wild pigs on Thursday in ‘Ein Al-Qabileh neighborhood south of Salfit where they smashed the farmers’ plants.

Farmer Mohammad Faleh ‘Omran said that the pigs destroyed his tomato seedlings, ruined the earth and trampled on his plants.

Farmer Mahmoud Hassan said that the pigs smashed his apple shrubs and his field at night.

He added that the farmers have killed three pigs among the large herds released by the settlers.

Yes, those Zionists have bred pigs that can distinguish between Arab and Jewish crops. They spend years raising these huge herds of pigs specifically to dump them in Arab villages when they reach just the right amount of maturity. They drive over to the Arab neighborhoods in trucks and dump them there, knowing implanting them with embedded microchips they will leave the village and make their way to Arab farms and cause damage far less than the value of the pigs themselves.

How nefarious can you be?

Previous Zionist pig sightings here, here and here. Oh, and a Zionist lion once terrorized poor Palestinian Arabs as well..


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