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The Vaccine of Humor

About some of those jokes and memes that flooded Israeli social media during the endless Corona lockdowns to helps overcome anxieties

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part Three)

And that's a wrap! The final part of my interview with Elon Gold is here for your enjoyment

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part Two)

In the second installment of my interview with Elon, we learn how it was to work with Pamela Anderson, Dave Chappelle, Larry David and others.

WATCH: Aussie Dave Interviews Comedian and Actor Elon Gold (Part One)

For those that did not catch part one of my interview with internationally renowned actor and comedian Elon Gold, here it is

WATCH: Elon Gold on the Jewish New Year

Comedian Elon Gold speaks about Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year

WATCH: A Bit of Woke Humor

Occasionally, the BBC is brilliant. Very occasionally. This is one of those times.

WATCH: The Simpsons Mocks Liberal Students At Yale

I can't work out if this is too funny or too realistic.

WATCH: When Conan O’Brien Met Yossi And His Wife

Israelis really seem to be EVERYWHERE

WATCH: Elon Gold On Fire With Holidays Humor

One of my favorite comedians in action

WATCH: The Simpsons – Krav Maga vs Karate

An oldie but a goodie

WATCH: “I Love You Kanye…Keep Planting Trees In Israel!”

In a hilarious comedy bit on Jimmy Kimmel, Israel gets a superfluous mention.

WATCH: How Do New Yorkers Respond To Idea Of Bibi Netanyahu As US President?

Could Netanyahu be President of the US?

WATCH: How Israelis Respond To Terror

Humor is definitely one way to deal with life in the face of terror.

WATCH: Louis CK: “I’m Very Excited To Play There [In Israel]”

In a very unique interview with Israeli comedian Guri Alfi, Louis CK speaks of looking forward to Israel
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