Who Says Palestinian Arabs Have No Culture?

Palestinian Arabs are just as likely to appreciate poetry as anyone else.
But they are somewhat more likely to appreciate the poetry of Libyan dictator and all-around nutcase Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

From Palestine News Network (autotranslated):

Qalqiliya / PNN – amid attend the rally and conclude a distinguished academic in the town of Qalqilya Palestinian literary conference on the first literary works (the stories) by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi “Commander of the Revolution September,” the Libyan Jamahiriya, has participated in the first conference of its kind in the Palestinian territories selected Palestinian academics from universities and national success Quds Open, Hebron and Palestine is the eligibility of cultural events inside the Green Line.

The conference was opened by General Coordinator of the Movement of revolutionary committees Palestinian speech welcoming the audience and thanked them for their concern and their interaction with the conference theme and also transfer them greetings from the brother of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and warm appreciation for their efforts in this area and then head of the conference Prof. Dr. Yahya Jabr, who assumed management of hearings and debate After.

This conference was held in two acts occur in the first Professor Dr. Adel Al-Osta professor of modern Arab literature Najah University and Dr. Isa Abdul Khaliq Chief Arabic-Najah University and Dr. Zaher Hanani professor of modern Arab literature Quds Open University and then Dr. Zeidan paper from inside the Green Line and Dr. Raid Abdul Rahim from the Arabic Language Department Najah University.

Then read papers Professors Dr. Said Coahnh of Hebron University and Dr. Sadik Dabbas Chief of the Arabic language at the University of Palestine civil ensuing discussion on the papers presented. Papers and conference centered around several axes was highlighted by the irony in the work of Colonel Gaddafi literary and artistic techniques and Lamia title at the stories It also addressed the religious dimensions and leftist there.

At the conclusion of the conference participants recommended the need to hold more conferences and seminars aimed at introducing thinking Muammar Gaddafi truly away from what prevailed in some quarters of negative attitudes towards Colonel Gaddafi and his ideas and projects.

The idea of Palestinian Arab academics sitting in a conference pretending that the ravings of a lunatic are akin to Shakespeare seems very funny – and yet very appropriate.


Elder of Ziyon

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