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So You Still Want To Be A Peace Activist? Part 2

Part 2 in the series

Smolani & Me Part 2: “Maybe If We’re Nice To Them, They Won’t Want...

Why the West has such an abysmal track record in the Middle East

Cultural PTSD: The Bond That Weaves Us Together

Four people. Four distinct cultures. Four unique experiences. Yet we share a common thread

Holiday Equality In Israel

You want equal time for Chanuka? It's really easy. You just get on a plane to Israel.

That’s No Moose

Meet the eBay seller who mistook a Chai pendant for a - wait for it - vintage Navajo moose

The Lure Of Matzah Ball Soup

Jewish gymnast Aly Raisman may have danced to Hava Nagila, but she's not the only US gymnast to appreciate Jewish culture

Who Says Palestinian Arabs Have No Culture?

Palestinian Arabs are just as likely to appreciate poetry as anyone else. But they are somewhat more likely to appreciate the poetry of Libyan dictator...
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