Gulf Arabs Warned: The Olympics Could Kill You


Bad news for Gulf Arabs, with a top cardiologist warning that they risk heart attacks in the Olympics.

And that’s not even competing.

A top cardiologist has warned television viewers in the United Arab Emirates to try to stay calm during the Olympics because they were particularly vulnerable to suffering heart attacks while watching sports.

Klaus Kallmayer, head of cardiology at City Hospital in Dubai and the German Heart Centre in Bremen, said cardiovascular incidents increase during sporting events as spectators get caught up in the moment.

“Watching a stressful sports game involving the national team can more than double the risk of an acute cardiovascular event. And the UAE’s poor cardiovascular record means spectators here can be even more at risk,” Kallmayer said in a statement.

“Sports enthusiasts who prefer watching the proceedings from the sofa rather than engaging in physical activity themselves should be aware that statistically the comfort of their living room is no safer than actually competing,” he said.

Kallmayer said he did not wish to scare people away from watching the Games but cautioned them to avoid exceptional stress levels.

I’m not sure why the UAE has a poor cardiovascular record. After all, although they are little indulgent, they do go out of their way to exercise.

Perhaps someone got a little confused.

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