Palestinians Heart McCain?


If this report about a palestinian poll is anything to go by:

A new Palestinian public poll revealed on Wednesday that 33.5% of the Palestinians are in favor of Mr. John Mc Cain as a presidential candidate in the US elections, and 66.6 % evaluated their economic situation as ‘bad’.

The results of a public poll conducted in the period from (1-10) September 2008, by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) show that poll results revealed (33.5 %) are at present in favor of Mr. John McCain, the candidate of the US Republicans, as the coming President of the United States of America, whilst Mr.

Barack Obama, the candidate of the Democratic Party, scored (27.7 %). (30.4 %) of the Palestinians said they “favor neither of them” and (8.3 %) declined to answer.

I cannot for the life of me understand why more palestinians would favor McCain over Obama, nor why they would favor McCain over “neither candidate.”

I guess Palin really was an inspired choice.

Unless, of course, anyone else smells a rat.

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