Lebanon to Sue Israel for Selling Falafel, Hummus and Tabouleh


A few years ago, Greece won a motion in the EU’s highest court saying that only Greek feta cheese may be called “feta” in Europe.

The Palestinian Arabic media is reporting that Lebanon is trying to sue Israel for selling traditional Lebanese foods as well.

The autotranslation is a little muddled, but it appears that Lebanon is upset over Israel marketing hummus, falafel, tabouleh and fattoush.

The president of the Lebanese Industrialists Association claims that Lebanese losses over Israel selling these foods rather than Lebanese is in the tens of millions of dollars annually.

For the record, falafel is supposed to have been invented in Egypt, the earliest verifiable use of hummus was in Syria, and tabouleh and fattoush are both from the Levant as well.

So, will Lebanese food manufacturers be suing any other Arab or Levantine countries who market these foods as well?

Apparently not. The articles about this refer to this lawsuit as a new type of “resistance” – meaning it is just like terrorism against Israel, but meant to take place in various legal venues for the purpose of hurting Israelis economically rather than physically.

(We’ve seen Arabs upset over Israelis making falafel in the past, and it is always good for a laugh.)

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