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hizbullah swimsuit

Hizbullah Getting Ready for a Hot Summer

The following photo of a Hizbullah swimsuit has been disseminated on social media. One can only imagine what Nasrallah's reaction is.

Lebanese Villagers Accuse IDF of Cow-napping

We already know Lebanon has a beef with Israel - but this might be the first time it is over accusations we actually have their beef.
palestinian refugees in lebanon

Crickets as Lebanon Not Planning to Vaccinate Palestinian Arab Refugees

With the world's media piling on Israel for not providing the palestinian Arabs with Covid vaccines (even though we are absolutely not obliged and...

NPR Uproots Jewish History

From an NPR report entitled Climate Change Closes In On Lebanon's Iconic Cedar Trees

Former Hezbollah Chief: Hassan Nasrallah & Ali Khamenei Should Stand Trial For Beirut Blast

Former Hezbollah chief, Subhi Al-Tufayli, has blamed the destruction of Lebanon on the current leadership of Hezbollah, as well as Iran

Lebanese Woman Living in UAE to Israelis: “Looking Forward to Seeing You Here”

This next message was posted on Reddit by a Lebanese woman living in the United Arab Emirates.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun Concedes Lebanon Open to Peace With Israel

Lebanese President Michel Aoun dropped a bombshell statement on Saturday night, telling French TV his country may be ready for peace with Israel.

Richard Silverstein Furious As Facebook Marks as Fake News His Post Blaming Israel for...

Facebook fact-checkers agree with me - and Silverstein is livid

Richard Silverstein Blasts a Huge Hole in His Own Argument

As I have posted about already, anti-Israel DouchebloggerTM Richard Silverstein claimed Israel bombed Beirut, and then cherry picked some statements from various people to...

Sky News Blooper of the Day (Updated)

The following screenshot was taken from Sky News, by a user on Reddit

WATCH: A Message to the People of Lebanon

On today's Fireside Chat, I discuss the tragic explosion in Beirut and its aftermath

Lebanese Man Thanks Israel For Support: “We Hate Hizbullah More Than You Do!”

While the Israel-haters, antisemites and Waleed Aly's guest would like you to believe that most, if not all, Lebanese either blame Israel for the attack or somehow hate us, a Reddit user from Lebanon has let us know this is not the case
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