Gaza Newspaper “Finds” the Missing “IDF Fatalities”

Hamas and the other terror gangs have been claiming that they killed scores of IDF soldiers; the latest number I saw was 48 although I have seen higher claims as well.

The problem, of course, is how can an open society cover up so many deaths? How could Israel cover up the funerals and the publicity that would come with all those dead soldiers?

The Islamic Jihad-oriented Palestine Today figured it out!

An intrepid PalToday journalist saw a news story that 13 Israelis have been killed in traffic accidents this month, and many others critically injured. Obviously, these deaths were really soldiers who were killed by the brave mujahadeen, and Israel only pretended that they were killed in traffic accidents in order to boost the morale of their soldiers.

Because we all know that Israeli drivers are incredibly careful and never get into accidents.

This only explains less than half of the supposed IDF losses, so we can be sure that more equally compelling theories will be forthcoming. I mean, if Hamas said they killed so many soldiers, it must be true.

Elder of Ziyon

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