Richard Falk Lies Again

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Richard Falk, who has repeatedly compared Israeli actions in Gaza to Nazi Germany, has been saying that Hamas has repeatedly offered a truce extension to Israel that Israel spurned. His latest claim was made at a symposium at UCLA on “Human Rights and Gaza” (that curiously completely ignored Hamas’ own violations of Gazan’s human rights:)

Hamas, he pointed out, consistently urged the continuation of its July 2008 Egypt-sponsored ceasefire with Israel and even its extension for up to 10 years. According to the respected British newsweekly, The Economist, Falk noted, Hamas proposed an extension of up to 20 years. “What is so revealing is the Israeli refusal to even acknowledge that this was a diplomatic initiative that would have probably ended any violence.”

I already showed on my blog that Falk is, quite simply, a liar. At that time, I wasn’t aware of any specific Hamas truce offer that he was referring to, so I couldn’t prove that he was lying on that specific point, but this repetition  spurred me to research this supposed truce extension.

I could not find any mention of this in The Economist (although I did find an article that called Falk’s obscene comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany “absurd.”) But I did find some articles about Hamas’ offer of a twenty year truce, and as I thought, it was not an “extension” of the existing six month calm period that Falk claims. It was a fake offer that Hamas had made years ago whose terms were that after Israel withdraws completely from all lands captured in 1967, then Hamas would offer a ten or twenty year truce without recognizing Israel’s existence.

Falk explicitly calls this a “continuation of its July 2008 Egypt-sponsored ceasefire” and he knows very well that it was nothing of the sort. And when Hamas was given the chance to continue the truce, it rejected it.

Falk knows this – and he lies anyway.

Normally, if a moonbat professor wants to lie like this, it is no big deal, because there is no shortage of people with letters after their names willing to lie for their pet political causes. Falk, however, has the gravitas of being a UN representative and as a result his speeches get coverage. And his speeches are consistently oriented towards demonizing Israel for doing things that are often, as we see, fiction.

Falk has no credibility and it is way past time for him to be called to the carpet for his consistent, sickening and verifiable lies.

Elder of Ziyon

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