Those “Stone Throwing” Youth

Here’s a video so important, I am posting it in this standalone post instead of in my usual “Day in Israel” roundup for easier dissemination.

With the mainstream media doing its utmost to portray the palestinian’s use of stones against Israeli soldiers as a Goliath and David situation, the truth is something else.

I’ve already been posting photo proof of palestinians throwing things other than just stones, but here I am posting footage showing something else: a palestinian throwing a very large rock at a moving car full of kids from close range, narrowly missing the head of a young child.

Note also how Israeli troops are allowing aforesaid palestinian to pray before he decides to go medieval on passing traffic.

Update: Post adjusted – the palestinian praying does not seem to be the same one who threw the rock at the car load of children, but the essential point remains the same.

Update: Here’s the full video. Note it is from AFP, which renders as rubbish comments such as the following (From Liveleak, page 5).



:00-:03 Seconds
Palestinian wearing a PURPLE shirt, is kneeling down, then, starts getting up, in front of Israeli guards.

:04-:05 Seconds
Palestinian wearing a PURPLE shirt, reaches from under the corner of the carpet and picks up a black hat. As he’s getting up, he puts on his hat, away from the camera.

:06-:09 Seconds
A guy wearing a DARK GREY shirt is seen throwing s rick to a white truck.

The video was edited, to depict that the Palestinian got up, reached for a rock and threw it to a random truck. In reality, the Palestinian just got up put on his black hat… and it showed another random act (probably not even from the same same of events).

:10-:12 Seconds
Children are seen in the back seats of the truck, it seems that the passengers side is empty.

:13 Seconds-End of video
The video then is edited, to show Israeli troops defending the chaos and barbaric actions of Palestinians (“throwing rocks at children”).

Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV!!!

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A jewishwood movie

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Update: Meet a victim of palestinian rock throwing – Yehuda Shoham (deceased).

You can read his story here (hat tip: Carl)

And here are a few more examples.

Update: I’ve had to issue a correction to this post.


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