Open Thread: Leaving On A Jet Plane Edition

I will be away on business for the rest of the week, and am not sure how much time I will have to blog.

I’m hoping Brian of London will be able to pick up some of the anticipated slack, but for now, please treat this as an open thread.

6 thoughts on “Open Thread: Leaving On A Jet Plane Edition”

  1. soloman4israel

    87 year old insults 6.000.000. jews.
    hedy epstein an 87 yr old,holocaust suvivor joins the new hate flotilla,on board the audacity of hope.
    adding insult to injury,for those that died at the hands of hitlers nazi movement.
    men/women/children,women raped/used as prostitutes,their hair sold/their skin removed and used for lamp shades/electric shock treatment/drowning/beaten/their breasts cut off/starved,and shot for sport.
    this woman is an insult,not only to the jews that died but to the other races that died along-side our people,she is an insult to our country israel.
    perhaps like so many she is not interested in the fact that hamas and it's friends are the enemy.

  2. Since Dave has opened up his blog to comment on anything, I would like to share a concern I've had for some time. It's really more than a concern, more of a nagging worry. It's actually affected my sleep and I think even my mental health. I know I've been a jokester and all but I'm actually quite serious. I see America and Israel drifting apart for years now and I don't see how to stop it. I don't mean just Obama and Netanyahu not getting along. There is something much deeper than that, driving a wedge between us. It was never like this before and I've never worried like I do now. I know I'm rambling and maybe not being that clear, but I wonder if there are others who feel this way too and what any of us can do about it.

    1. Not really. I don't see it as a problem in the long run, atleast not yet.

      Personally I do see a correlation between Obamas stint in the whitehouse and the current lull in easy and open, friendly relations.

      I would only be slightly considered if it carries on after Obama is gone.

  3. Here's something. I was watching NHK recently, for those that don't know this is a Japanese news channel that is aimed at a Western audience and broadcast in English.

    I think in the past we have spoken about Israel getting a news channel broadcast in Europe and America via satellite, after all Iran, the arabs, China, Russia and a number of other countries all have channels.

    Primarily this would be to try and balance coverage of Israeli actions in response to the atrocious treatment of Israel that the international media get away with.

    Whilst watching NHK though I was struck by the amount of cultural programming that they do including 'Japan in 7 days' which gave a better idea about what the man on the street was thinking and 'cool Japan' which tried to show aspects of Japanese life that as an outsider you might not be familiar with. They also spoke to foreign ex-pats about what they liked about the country.

    These are aspects that really aren't covered at all in the western media and are another serious case for Israel to launch a channel. If they could do it well it could seriously aid Hasbara efforts to a much wider audience than they have previously been able to reach.

    It's not like the expertise aren't there, the internet is a fantastic showcase for Israelis with the talent to express themselves and show off their country in a good light. There are excellent writers, comedians, designers. They have people who have worked in international television like Saiban.

    The only thing it needs is money and willpower, are Israeli politicians to insular and short sighted to see this and is there any way that the idea could be pushed?

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