Spotted In Israel

An advertisement for an English tutor.

We can only imagine how his students end up speaking.

Update: Seems like a good time to bring out my all time favorite Israeli commercial, which I have already posted here and here.

10 thoughts on “Spotted In Israel”

        1. It actually is a bit of an issue, the differences between the languages. For example, in Israel, the s-word is not particularly obscene. I think my colleages know better. Conversely, I recall in Yeshiva when one of the Ameican kids used the work "bloody", and one of the British kids practically turned red.

          Of course, Hebrew doesn't really HAVE any obscenities, people have to use other languages.

  1. I remember a relative, a college professor who drove a gypsy cab to make ends meet. (This was before the '70's oil "crisis".)

    He worked with a lot of Israelis, and was concerned at how blue their language was. When he mentioned it, he was told, "you have to talk like Americans".

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