Muslimas Gone Wild Part Deaux: Pants-Taking Research

You may recall veena Malik, the Pakistani actress who denied posing nude for lad magazine FHM, claiming instead the photo was morphed.

Now she seem’s to changed her tune, playing a game of semantics around the word “nude.”

The Pakistani actress featured in a racy cover shot in the December edition of a men’s magazine in India told CNN she posed topless but not completely naked.

Veena Malik appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM wearing only one thing: a tattoo on her arm bearing the initials ISI, the acronym for Pakistan’s infamous Inter-Services Intelligence agency — causing a stir in her conservative homeland.

Malik said FHM doctored the photographs to show her without clothes and has now revealed plans to sue the publication.

“I admit that I have done a bold shoot,” she said, “but I was not nude. There is a big difference between topless and being nude.

“You will see various shoots here in the Bollywood industry where the actresses actually went topless but they were covered like the way I was.”

In a telephone call with CNN, Malik said she had declined an offer a couple of months ago by an “international (media) agency” to pose nude for a fee but agreed to do a shoot for FHM India instead — and without charges — because it was a “personality” shoot.

As they say “Nice personality.”

“What I have lost is priceless,” she said.

What she lost was her top.

Meanwhile, here is the contentious photo of Malik.

And here is the one I thought was the contentious one.

If you saw the latter photo sans the stategically placed banner, you ‘d likely agree with me that it is more risque than the former one – even if in it she is wearing something resembling really short pants. 

So I’m really not quite sure why she is getting her panties into a knot over the first photo.

3 thoughts on “Muslimas Gone Wild Part Deaux: Pants-Taking Research”

  1. I think it depends on the country. European beaches (and Eilat) I am told, allow this, but not elsewhere in Israel as far as I can tell. Israeli magazines are more risque that American ones, but don’t go as far as what I have read about Europe. Indian culture never made a big deal about the midriff, if Wikipedia is to be believed.
    So perhaps she is correct.

    P.S. Due to one left-wing judge who was off his rocker (but I repeat myself), NY beaches and swimming pools techinically allow toplessnews, but to my knowledge it’s not done. (In the case of the pools, I suspect it’s self-defense, considering what has happened to women there.) I can’t see anything without my glasses anyway, but I stick to the seprarate beach.

  2. I guess both covers refer to her as a WMD. Double LOL!
    And seriously, wouldn’t we rather this was the kind of bomb that Pakistan was exporting?

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