Sean Penn’s Way With Women

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso speaks of Sean Penn’s charming ways (hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur)

A former co-star of Sean Penn has told how she had a stand up row with the activist actor and ended up calling him a ‘communist a**hole’.

Maria Conchita Alonso said she confronted Penn during a chance meeting at LAX airport to talk to him about his support for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.
While she branded him a communist she claimed he humiliated her in front of other passengers by calling her a ‘pig’.

The actress, who represented her native Venezuela in the Miss World Pageant and finished runner up, said she walked up to Penn to say she was ‘appalled’ by his support for Chavez.
The pair had starred together in the 1988 film ‘Colors’ about gang violence in Los Angeles and Alonso said she had written an open letter to the actor to express her anger at his support for the Chavez regime.

Alonso said:’I said, ‘I would like to talk to you.’

He said, “I have nothing to say to you . . . You have been saying a lot of things about me in the press.” I said, “How can you defend Chavez?”‘

Alonso said she told Penn: ‘I said, “You are a communist, Sean Penn”.’

He said, ‘You are a pig!’ So I said, ‘And you are a communist [bleep]hole! Is it great to live the way you do as a communist?’

‘I went back to my mother, and he started yelling at us.

‘I yelled back, ‘Communist [bleep]hole!’ Nearly 60 people were watching, shocked.

‘My mother wanted to clap, but she couldn’t because she was in a wheelchair and she had a small dog in her lap.’

Penn, who was travelling from Haiti where he is heavily involved in charity work, admitted her had a row with Alonso while in the lost luggage area.

He told the New York Post: ‘I only knew that a hostile woman was nonsensically berating me. I didn’t realize it was that actress.

‘I think I worked with her once. But she looks really different. She was uninformed and impolite to all the other passengers.’

Penn and Alonso played lovers on different sides of the gang turf wars in ‘Colors,’ which also starred Robert Duvall.

Alonso, who is a Grammy nominated singer, later told a Washington Radio station she regretted calling Penn a rude name – but not a communist.

Sean Penn has visited Venezuela and publicly supported Hugo Chavez. Chavez has called Penn ‘well-informed’ and a good actor

‘I do apologize for calling Sean Penn a [bleep]hole. He is an intelligent man . . . But if someone calls me a pig, I am not going to turn the other cheek. But I don’t regret calling him a communist.’

You go girlfriend.

Update: You won’t be surprised to know that Alonso is on the side of Good.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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