What Did Jew Company Keter Do Wrong?

Following up on yesterday’s release of the Israellycool Buycott poster, I’m going to present to you a full and detailed justification of why you should support some of the companies mentioned. In the interests of not wasting a moment more on this crap than I need to, I’m reposting exactly what the Jew haters write at http://www.inminds.com/boycottcard because, when I read it without Jew hatred in my mind, it all sounds like a pretty good reason to support these guys.

[Update – post now fixed to remove some obscene language in penultimate paragraph of block below; sorry I should have checked more carefully!]

Israel’s Keter Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of plastic consumer products. The Israeli plastics giant is privately owned by the Sagol family, and has a turnover of $1.1 billion, 90% of which is derived from overseas sales.

Its product range includes garden furniture, outdoor storage solutions and sheds, shelving systems and utility cabinets, tool boxes and storage products for the DIY market, household products, baby and toddler products.

Its brands, subsidiaries, and sister companies (all owned by the Sagol family) include ‘OutStanding Solutions’ (Keter garden storage), Lipski (plumbing accessories), Allibert (bathroom accessories), Curver (plastic home & food storage), Jardin (garden furniture), and Contico Europe (plastic storage boxes). Keter products are also sold under the Black & Decker, B&Q and Homebase brands.

Whilst the profits end up in Israel, not all the products are produced in Israel, for example Allibert has factories in France & Belgium, whilst Curver has factories in Poland & Hungary. Keter has 12 factories in Israel, 2 of which are in the illegal settlements heart of biblical Israel.

Stanley toolboxes are also made in Israel by Israeli plastics company ZAG (90% owned by Stanley).

I will end with a simple question. Can anyone provide me with a comprehensive list of ANYTHING that more than 100 million Arabs in the middle east produce that I use regularly and can’t live without or find produced somewhere else. Except, of course, oil and I’ve got a plan for that!


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