Shalom Eisner: This Is A Man

Courtesy: Jewish Press

Shalom Eisner is the man the world would flog. This is the kind of man he is (hat tip:

Hagit Rein, grieving mother of the late Major B’naya Rein who was killed in the Second Lebanon War and whose body was recovered by Eisner under fire, called the Army Radio to express her dismay at the way Eisner was being judged by the “media court.”

During that war, B’naya Rein assembled a special force to assist damaged tanks. He was killed on that mission for which he had volunteered, and his body remained in enemy territory. At the command level it was decided that rescuing the body was too dangerous, according to the reservists’ letter. Then it was decided they lacked the necessary resources for a rescue mission.

After three days, Shalom Eisner, who was then commander of an armored battalion, heard about the abandoned body and said it was unacceptable that the body of an army officer would be lying on the ground while his parents were waiting for him at home. Eisner took a jeep, recall his fellow officers and soldiers, put on a flak jacket and went out to get B’naya. “Surrounded by burned-out tanks, missiles flying in every direction, he just went out into the field, loaded the body and brought it back.”

Lt. Col. Eisner’s supporters expressed their complete faith in him “as a man, as a friend and as a moral commander.”

For more on how protesters are treated in Denmark, take a look here.

Jessica Montell from the odious B’Tslem organisation is already bewailing the fact that Eisner will not be put in front of a firing squad and shot at dawn:


20 thoughts on “Shalom Eisner: This Is A Man”

      1. Oops, sorry. I got confused. I thought the first link was to an article showing his misdeed, and not his heroic work. I amended the linking a bit to make this more clear.

                  1. My theory is with enough beer, anything tastes good. I’m not trying to rub it in, but if you’ve never had hardwood (like apple or pecan) cured bacon, you haven’t lived. If there’s one thing I could do for the Jewish people before I die, I’d invent kosher bacon.

                    1. Have you ever tried wood smoked lamb strips, fried like bacon? We’re not missing that much.

  1. Unless your a politician, what you once did has no bearing on what you just did. A cryin’ shame that the politicians remain. Maybe they and their journalistic hacks could be shot at dawn instead!

  2. Tyler Durden (USA)

    Of course Shalom Eisner was correct in what he did. But he was caught on video so the IDF on up made him into a sacrificial lamb. This will only encourage more video recording my these foreign pests. These young skulls full of mush, these young Israel hating Euro-leftists have too much time on their hands and a lot of daddy’s money. And the young women among them go there to get boinked by an “exotic” Arab, it is as basic as that

  3. Shalom Eisner seems to be a real jackass. Hope he gets fired from the army and locked up for some years. Perhaps an angry management course would do him good. Good luck Israel, the world is looking!!!

  4. Lt. Col. Eisner should receive a promotion. The ISM terrorists seek the annhilation of Israel and do so by violent means. He was defending his country and the soldiers under his command. Sadly, he is being thrown under the bus. He is the Israeli version of Dreyfus.

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