And They’re Still Trying To Tell Us What To Do

Ted Belman has posted a great piece at Israpundit listing all the things the British did to thwart the creation of the Jewish state of Israel in 1948.

It’s a very long list. Here are just the section headings, read the full piece for the details. Israpundit » Blog Archive » British Efforts Against the Nascent Israeli State.

Britain Refused to transfer any functions to Jewish authorities, even after terminating the Mandate.

Seeds of Arab hostility to Israel & British Policy

The Sudden Appearance in 1919 of a militant Arab “movement.”

The Balfour Declaration in Palestine is to be treated “as extremely confidential and is on no account for any publication”

The measures to prevent Jewish reconstruction slowly tightened

The central and most effective, weapon in the British armoury was the control of immigration

If the Jews could proclaim a state, the Arab population might well make peace with it, and the British presence would come to an end

British Troops prevented from controlling Arab violence

The British White Paper was was rejected as inconsistent with the Mandate by the League of Nations, but the League of Nations was dying

The British Government later destroyed records of it’s Palestine Government

British Collusion and the Arab apathy to the Mufti’s Incitement

The British Creation of the Arab League to serve as the mouthpiece of a British sponsored Pan-Arab dream

A Jewish Homeland with a Jewish Majority was an obstacle



5 thoughts on “And They’re Still Trying To Tell Us What To Do”

  1. British Lieutenant-General Glubb-
    During the 1948 Arab–Israeli War the Arab Legion was considered the strongest Arab army involved in the war. Glubb led the Arab Legion across Jordan to occupy the West Bank.
    Glubb remained in charge of the defence of the West Bank following the armistice in March 1949, and as the commander of the Arab Legion until 1 March 1956, when he was dismissed by King Hussein who wanted to distance himself from the British and disprove the contention of Arab nationalists that Glubb was the actual ruler of Jordan.

    He’s not blamed for the “Nakba”.

  2. Nobody predicted that the Jewish state would survive. The whole thing was a setup. Since nobody wanted the refugees the idea was dump them in an undeveloped land with no government institutions, arms embargo, no financial support, and surrounded by hostile neighbors.

    These were Jews after all. They were not supposed to be able to do things like farm, fight, or build roads. The Arabs were supposed to take care of the problem.

      1. It actually makes me wonder if the current sell-out British government / estabishment plans on using the muslims as proxies against the Jewish community here in the UK like they did against Jews during the British mandate.

        Also, it is interesting that many here in the UK believe that the Allies fought the Nazis on behalf of the Jews (which interestingly enough the Nazis themselves accused the Allies of doing exactly that) rather then to protect British interests in spite of sll evidence to the contray.

  3. And now the British find themselves with a Muslim problem in their midst. The most recent case involves ethnic Pakistanis who have been charged with forming a ring to gang rape underage English girls. File that under “The Empire Strikes Back.”

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