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WATCH: Unbridled Antisemitism At Speakers Corner

The antisemites are hardly even bothering to pretend any more.

WATCH: English TV Presenter Rachel Riley on Combating Jew Hatred Online

Rachel Riley's insights from her experiences - including the hatred she has encountered online and the tactics of the Jew haters in claiming they are only "anti-Zionist" - are really worth listening to.

BDS-Hole Reveals Utter Contempt For Plight of Palestinian Arabs

The following letter appears in the National Education Union (NEU) magazine

World Gone Mad: Sword-Wielding ISIS Supporter Found Not Guilty of Terrorism

A man who attacked police with a sword outside Buckingham Palace while repeatedly screaming Allahu Akbar has been found not guilty of preparing acts of terrorism

Brexit Is Failing Because It Lacks Israeli Resilience

Judaism is a cultural super technology because it instills a desire for freedom and it legislates by handing down one set of laws for all.

WATCH: Antisemitic Dumbass of the Day

Drugs are bad...mmmmkay?

Member of Group That Mocks Judaism & Calls for Israel’s Destruction to Give Antisemitism...

This tells you all you need to know about how seriously UK Labour takes the Jew hatred in its midst

Normal People In The UK May Now Hate Jews

The powerful influence of a corrupted and lying mainstream media now means it is acceptable to hate reported actions of Jews in Israel.

Writer of Legendary British Comedies B*tch Slaps Jeremy Corbyn

This letter, written by the writer of classic British comedies Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, appeared in today's Times of London

When Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Says You Are An Antisemite, You Better Believe You...

Rabbi Sacks had this to say about UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, following the recent resurfacing of Corbyn's disparaging remarks about British "Zionists"
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