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UK Labour Report into Antisemitism Row is Peak UK Labour

You can't make this stuff up.

Wembley Staff “Blown Away” by Behavior of Jews Who Packed the Arena

What Wembley Arena staff said about the Jews who packed the arena

Antisemites & Dumbasses at London “Antisemitism” Vigil

A few nights ago, Jews were ostracised at a vigil against antisemitism organised by pro-Corbyn groups.

Jeremy Corbyn Set for Crushing Defeat in UK Elections

Great news from the UK

Jeremy Corbyn: Yallah, Make Britain Gulag Again!

BBC: Mr. Jeremy Corbyn, the other day, you finally said, ‘Obviously, I’m very sorry for everything that’s happened’. What exactly are you sorry for? Corbyn:...

WATCH: Boris Johnson’s Epic Trolling of Antisemite Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson has delivered a master class in trolling his opponent  and known Jew-hater Jeremy Corbyn

WATCH: Corbyn Supporters Being Tricked into Admitting He Is Not Fit For Office

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Probably cry, come to think of it. https://youtu.be/ITCX2mDiFzE Make sure you watch the entire thing. You won't want...

Actor Hugh Grant Attacks Labour Over Antisemitism, Backs Jewish Liberal Democrat Candidate Luciana Berger

Popular actor Hugh Grant has spoken out against Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party for their terrible handling of the antisemitism rife within it, while throwing his support behind the Jewish Luciana Berger, who left Labour over it. 

Latest Antisemitic Attack in London Occurred in Area Full of Anti-Zionist Jews

Another day, another antisemitic incident, this time in London.

Anti-Zionist-Not-Antisemite’s Way to Impress Women

Meet Jonathan from Nottingham Trent University, who posted this on Tinder

Jeremy Corbyn’s Wife Spotted at Antisemitic Event

Old and busted: "The Force is strong in my family" - Luke Skywalker. New hotness: "The antisemitism is strong in my family" - Jeremy Corbyn.

WATCH: Boris Johnson Flays Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is bound to provide a lot of entertainment!

Boris Johnson’s New Cabinet is the Stuff of Nightmares for Jeremy Corbyn…and Fellow Israel...

Perhaps this is part of the reason why the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to undermine Boris and portray him as some kind of buffoon.


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