I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Any Balance


Yesterday I sat in a room with the earliest and most active (forum wise) private customers of Better Place. People who received the first cars and who voluntarily participate in what Better Place calls it’s “Champions Forum”. I follow this as best I can and it’s leading to me improving my Hebrew reading.

The meeting was in Hebrew so I was concentrating very hard to keep up (and missing a lot). Shai Agassi spoke to answer questions and lead the meeting.

These customers could be the most critical, and they have lots of suggestions, but every single one was positive. There was not one negative story anyone could come up with about Better Place or it’s service so far. And these were Israelis. These customers started driving before there were switch stations: they’ve experienced glitches and beta issues. No complaints, only positive suggestions.

There are no shy Israelis: if anyone had wanted to whine they would have. The praise was heartfelt and meant. Thank you to everyone at Better Place.

Oh and my iPhone’s battery went dead: I wish I could have switched it out for a new one. I wonder why I couldn’t?

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