Is The Queen Of England The New James Bond Girl?

Via The Times of Israel:

How else might you expect the Queen of England to arrive to the 2012 Olympic Games’s Opening Ceremonies hosted in London if she were doing so with James Bond? Perhaps you might imagine a swanky vehicle with a martini in hand, but with Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle (think “Slumdog Millionaire”) coordinating the opening ceremonies, that might not be daring enough.

A short flick starts in the palace with Mr. Bond — played by the current Bond character in Hollywood Daniel Craig — waiting on Queen Elizabeth II as she finishes her letters. The two are then seen exiting the palace to a waiting chopper. Rather than spoil the fun of how the queen actually descends upon the opening ceremonies, in case you haven’t seen the event live on NBC or the BBC, watch the clip for yourself (Note: Spoiler after the video):

After parachuting with James Bond, nothing seems to be exciting for the Queen anymore. Via Breitbart TV

Queen Appears Bored As British Team Enters Olympic Stadium

Is not her first time filming though:



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