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Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) provided the funds for the greatest Palestinian Olympic Achievement in the Massacre Jews event, Munich 1972

Despite the calls, despite the overwhelming righteousness of the cause, the IOC chose not to remain silent for the 11 Israeli olympians tortured and murdered at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972.

There was a moment of silence in the official opening ceremony, accompanied by a montage of photos: “The faces of spectators’ loved ones who have passed away, including the victims of 7/7, were flashed up on big screens around the Olympic Stadium and on TV”.

Despite this, NBC in the US and it’s uber-mensch commentator managed to deliver the most damning condemnation of the IOC in their own way. As the Israeli athletes walked in, Bob Costas succinctly explained the background to the story and the IOC’s refusal to acknowledge this.

If you want to learn more about the real nature of the IOC, who they are and which overlords they bow down to (hint, rich ones with plenty of money from oil) read this piece by Guri Weinberg. His father’s body was thrown naked from a window in front of the world. He recounts a meeting back in Atlanta 1996. They’ve been asking for this recognition for a very long time: calls for this moment of remembrance pre-date the Internet and social media.

Read the whole piece, read the torture and then read about how the IOC fundamentally can’t recognise the deaths of 11 Israelis without “remembering” the “deaths” of Palestinians. The only Palestinians who died were the murdering, torturing terrorists. I guess it’s apt that the IOC would want  to recognise their great Palestinian Olympic Achievement. In the IOC’s minds the Palestinians gained 11 gold medals in ’72.

Why the IOC will never memorialize the ’72 Munich massacre | Fox News.

That’s when I understood that the IOC wasn’t turning us down because of their resistance to :politics.” Rather, it was due to the specific politics the IOC apparently still embraces. Based on its history of Nazi support, greed and the blood on their own hands for inciting the PLO, they would never support Israeli athletes.

Now, I have a message to all the members of the IOC. The torture inflicted by “Black September” on the 11 Israeli athletes and their families took 48 hours. Your torture of the families and the memories of those esteemed athletes has lasted 40 years. I am not satisfied with a moment of silence in every Opening Ceremony of the Summer Games. Now I want all of you to lose your jobs and be replaced by real Olympians who care about the athletes and believe in the Olympic charter.

The threat of the IOC coming after me does not scare me anymore. When you have no more dignity, you have nothing to lose. So, members of the IOC — my name is Guri Weinberg and I am the son of Moshe Weinberg, the wrestling coach murdered at the 1972 Olympics. And I am not going away.


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