Israeli Company To Wire One World Trade Center


No, not wire explosives, rather wire the building with a smart communication system.

TechMer from Mer group is installing emergency communications in One World Trade Center:

The New York – New Jersey Port Authority through its construction manager, Tishman Construction Corporation Selects The Mer Group’s First Responders Public Safety solution for radio communications at One World Trade Center.

The Board of Commissioners of the New York – New Jersey Port Authority approved the award of an $11.8 million contract to a joint venture between TechMer Inc., a subsidiary of The Mer Group, and North American Mobile Systems Inc. for a first responders system and a base building and tenant two-way radio system for the WTC tower One. The system will provide communication capability for first responders in case of an emergency.

The scope of work under the construction trade contract includes engineering, design, furnishing, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of a first responders communication system to be integrated into the site-wide system for communication in the event of an emergency. In addition, the joint venture would be responsible for the engineering, design, furnishing, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of a two-way radio system for building management and tenant communications, which will support the Durst Organization, the joint venture partner of One WTC LLC in the development of One WTC. The construction trade contract was awarded to the best value proposer from a pre-qualified list of proposers, in accordance with the procurement procedures established by the Port Authority.

“We are greatly pleased and humbled to have been awarded this unique and prestigious project for a First Responders radio communications system to be installed at One World Trade Center in Manhattan,” said Chaim Mer, Chairman of The Mer Group. “Following an open and comprehensive bid process, our system proposal was selected as a best value proposal, a proven, state-of-the art integrated technology platform and a cost-effective approach that will utilize and consolidate our existing resources and systems solutions.”

Some additions from a Hebrew article:

  • Similar emergency communication systems were installed by TechMer in the Carmel Tunnels project, allowing coverage to all security forces and emergency response teams, including the fire department, ambulance services, Israel Police and Beeper.
  • The project began in April 2012 and will last approximately 15 months.
  • TechMer will serve as primary contractor for the project, with overall responsibility for installation and the implementation of the network.
  • The network itself was developed and designed with exceptional interoperability features designed for routine and emergency situations, and which includes among other things dedicated DAS equipment.
  • The network will enable security forces and rescue teams full communication during emergency operations, within and outside the building, as well as the the vicinity of the tower, while using their own designated communication devices and frequencies.

I don’t know about you, but I personally hope that this emergency system will never be used.

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