That Awkward Moment When ISM Fails Geography


This will cheer you up:

The problem? ISM must be using the new iOS 6, because the road that was actually being blocked, route 443, does not lead to Ariel:

Palestinians block Highway 443, confront IDF soldiers

Dozens of Palestinians from the village of Ur At-Tachta are blocking Highway 443. The protesters claim that settlers chopped down dozens of olive trees in their possession.

The Palestinians are wielding signs calling against the Israeli occupation and are confronting IDF soldiers that arrived at the scene in order to disperse the crowd

The temporary blocking took place on the road leading to Jerusalem, which has been featured many times before in the news. It has been the site of countless petrol bomb attacks by palestinians on civilians, and the Supreme Court ordered it be opened for palestinian travel (so there goes the “settler road” lie).

As for the ISM, it seems every road leads to a settlement, and, if in doubt, just recall the last name you’ve heard. Even if it is Ariel and on a different road all together.

Click for larger image

Update: Well, that false tweet is gone, but gosh I love embedding and screen capture. Now they are sticking to the settler-only lie:

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