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People in glass houses Dumbasses shouldn’t throw stones.

A Palestinian Authority Arab who stoned cars in Samaria was killed by one of his own rocks, police have concluded. A Jewish man held in connection with the death has been released.

The Arab teenager hurled heavy stones at Israeli-owned vehicles along a Samaria highway last Tuesday evening. He managed to hit one car, which was driven by a resident of the nearby town of Emmanuel.

Fearing further attacks, the driver fired a single shot in the air to frighten away the stone-thrower. He then contacted local security officers to report both the attack and his own response.

A short time later, Israeli paramedics received a report of an Arab teen found unconscious and badly wounded next to a highway. The teen suffered a serious head injury that appeared to be a bullet wound. Medical personnel rushed to the scene but were unable to save the young Arab, who died a short time later.

Police originally believed that the resident of Emmanuel who reported firing in the air had in fact fired at his attacker, killing him. The man was arrested and questioned. However, an initial forensic report showed that the attacker had not been killed by a bullet, and the detainee was released.

A final forensic report, released over the weekend, showed that the attacker was killed when a stone he threw hit the car driven by the man from Emmanuel. The stone hit the car’s tire and bounced back at high speed, hitting the attacker and leaving him with a fatal head injury.

Zionist Death RockTM?

10 thoughts on “Darwin Award Of The Day”

  1. The problem is that truth does not matter.
    The palestinians will scream that the boy was killed by the gun shot. He will be declared a martyr and probably a street will bear his name.

  2. Cool. The smarmy bastard deserved it. Maybe he’ll appear on “1,000 Ways to Die.” Occasionally I encounter this show while channel surfing, and it’s cool to see people who deserve it finally getting their just deserts.

  3. I thought this story sounded familiar – and it is. If you look at the date stamp in the linked article, it’s 4 years old. (I thought it was more recent than that).

    Sorry to disappoint you. But it still qualifies as one of the best Darwin awards ever.

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