Just Another Day Without Oil


better place car washMorning drive to the kid’s kindergarten (gan), 2km.

From gan to my office, 6km more.

From my office to the VAT office, 16km.

Then to the bank 6km

Car wash place, home, office, pick up a passenger in central Tel Aviv, drive to Jerusalem for a “tweetup” (switching battery on the way), park, drive to Petach Tikva, to central Tel Aviv, to north Herzliyah and then back to my home.

Eventually I ended up driving 237km yesterday. I switched battery one time on my way to Jerusalem and the car spent about 4 hours in Mamilla car park charging on the public charging spots. That gave me about 90% battery which was enough to come back to Tel Aviv and drop three people at different locations before I returned home with about 7% remaining.

The Better Place system and my electric car work. Each of those short journeys I did in the morning would have killed the efficiency of an oil burning car. Starting a car and driving less than 10km is a killer while it makes absolutely no difference to an electric car. Every one of my passengers had only praise for the ride and comfort.

And a huge shout out to Laura Ben David for organising a great social meet up in Jerusalem. I met many of the people I interact regularly on twitter and Facebook with, some for the first time. Real life is always so much more involving than from behind a screen.

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