How Did It Happen


Since last year I’ve read one book on the Holocaust (what we call the Shoa in Hebrew).

It’s called “How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think“. It’s a very short book, you might even feel short changed if you buy it because it will only take you an hour to read. So here’s a tip. When you’re done, go read it another five times and then you’ll have gotten your money’s worth.

Without spoiling the plot (how could I) the basic answer is that you lie to them. You lie deliberately and incrementally until you have people marching like sheep to their own certain death.

So on today, Israel’s one day set aside for remembering something that we remember all the days of our lives, go and look at this book.

I also want to recommend a piece over at Times of Israel by Zahava Englard:

A number of my friends were children of survivors. Many of us shared a common world view not tainted by rose-colored glasses. We had a common distrust in the nations of the world including the United States, who closed its doors to Jewish immigration at a time we needed it most – A common distrust reserved especially for England who issued the infamous white paper barring an escape path for the European Jews to our ancestral homeland, blatantly ignoring the Balfour Declaration – A common distrust of our non-Jewish neighbors borne out of personal anecdotes we heard from our parents of their Polish, Lithuanian and Ukrainian neighbors who turned on them and hunted them down. And, although acquainted with heartening stories of righteous gentiles who endangered their own lives to save Jews, we shared a common distrust in “humanity.”

I know exactly how she feels about Britain. And I also felt, when I left, that many of my friends there would be the ones to turn in the Jew living near them if it really happened again.

The horrific truth about the Righteous Gentiles is not that they exist, but that there are so very few of them.

How do you kill 11 million people - book cover

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