6 Israelis Killed, Hamasholes Glee

An accident occurred yesterday near Haifa, where a faulty truck ploughed into a line of cars, killing 6 people.

When the news of Israelis being killed made it’s way to our peace partners, the usual cries of joy and “Allahu Ackbar” erupted

God is great, thank God for their many dead

10 Zionists killed and wounded 15 in a truck collision accident with 7 cars in Haifa

Allahu Akbar
Thank God

News delightful and very beautiful

As were calculations of how many Zionists were killed after the reports of “dozens hurt” on Israeli news sites.

true .. The truck hit 7 cars 
I mean,  7 x 4 = 28, and there were pedestrians in the street that were hit by the cars and truck.

When news came through that the truck driver was Arab, some Israelis started speculating that this was a deliberate attack, as we have seen before. The Hamasholes were even happier.

Oh God, please be true!

10 dead soldiers and dozens of injured in a traffic accident in occupied Haifa

But then, disaster strikes. It turned out all of the dead are Arabs from Iksal and Deir el-Asad, making a bunch of seething, death-loving, oxygen wasters run for cover . The cheers stopped, and the thread ground to a halt after 3 pages.

A culture of death is running amok in Gaza.

nesher truck accidentRest in Peace.




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