Ahmed Angel, Male Model

Watch out Omar Borkan Al Gala. In the competition for Best Zoolander Impersonator In The Arab World, a new contender has emerged.

Introducing Ahmed Angel.

What. A. Dreamboat.

Meet Ahmed Angel, the bright-eyed, unabashedly narcissistic male model from Iraq who is conquering the internet one creepy, sparkling selfie at a time.

With his flawless (perhaps slightly Photoshopped) porcelain skin, fair Ahmed looks like a cross between Frodo Baggins and post-transformation Michael Jackson. Which can only be a good thing.

If there’s one word that Ahmed thinks describes himself, it is..planet?!

Yeah, he’s not the most modest person in the world.

“Now I’m a international star And the most popular ….I love all of you,” Ahmed told his legion of fans on Facebook last week.

“You should be king of all the Earth,” replied one keen commenter.

“You are a god,” said another.

And then there was our personal favourite: “It’s your planet. Thank you for allowing us all to live on it.”

The Ahmed admirers aren’t just on Facebook. Ahmed’s Imgur album has been viewed almost a million times, and his luminescence has spawned a series of threads on reddit.

And probably not the sharpest tool in the shed either. Or is he?

“The most important thing in my life is to study medicine!!!” Ahmed told the International Business Times.

“I’m busy my studies so I decided to postpone these (modelling) offers to another time.”

There is a mine of gold in his Facebook photo albums, including the following:


Yep, Ahmed thinks he’s too sexy for your cat.

Which begs the question?

Who's The Best Zoolander Impersonator In The Arab World?

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