Babs arrived in Israel last night, and was spotted at the Western Wall looking positively thrilled.


Ok, perhaps that’s unfair. She atleast¬†did go to the Western Wall right after going to her hotel.

Perhaps the glum look was at the realization she won’t get to meet me, since bloggers are not invited to the Tuesday evening Gala opening event of the Israeli Presidential Conference.

12 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day”

  1. It’s funny, I know Barbra Streisand has always been quite political but I’ve never heard her speak out on Israel, except in general support of the Jewish state. What does she think of Bibi? The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Aussie Dave?

  2. I understand she has a pathological fear of flying, which suggests to me she probably flies on some serious tranquillisers. If thats the case, the look on her face might just just be that she doesn’t know where she is.

    1. She also developed a bad case of stage fright over recent decades, which is why she doesn’t give much in the way of live concerts.

  3. I hate her hat! Seriously, I would guess that the photo caught her at a bad time that had nothing to do with the Kotel or her feelings about it. And she is phobic about flying; frankly, I was surprised that she agreed to come to Israel for that reason alone. Maybe she forced herself so that the BDSholes wouldn’t get any political fodder from her not going.

  4. Kol hakavod to Barbra Streisand for coming to Israel. It took her time but she made it and I’ve no doubt that her feelings are in a turmoil for better or worse. If as some of you say she hates flying then double kol hakavod. Then with the pressure on her not to come (Re Pet Shop Goys) that’s another triple kol hakavod. And again with snide remarks about her looks from people who should be supporting her and surrounding her with love, she sure ain’t finding it any easier.
    Ms. Streisand, you’re welcome to visit me in Zichron Yaakov to chill out and relax any day.
    Grandma Trish (famous for her blintzes)

  5. She was doing okay – for her – until she opened her mouth. Why this woman gets any attention except for entertainment plaudits performed (decades ago) is a complete mystery to me.
    She used to bash Ronald Reagan, history showed what a lame loudmouth loser she was – and apparently, still is.

    1. What did she say that was so awful? All I heard is that she criticized the Haredim for the way that they treat women and she was right! Kudos to her for bashing Reagan (didn’t you ever hear about the Iran-Contra scandal?) even though it has no bearing on whatever she says now! Obviously, you are too young to have heard her sing but I can assure you that any plaudits she received were richly deserved! She is many things but a loser is not one of them. She has been a major philanthropist for many years and is a heavy contributer to Israeli causes, particularly the IDF.

  6. In polite rebuttal, i haven’t been to the middle east. My understanding is, though, Israel is out-of-the-park ahead in terms of gender equality. I understand there are women issues with the Orthodox types there but, hey, maybe she can jaunt over to Saudi Arabia or Iran and give what for on wome’s rights – and see how that works out for her. And, although not Jewish, I think it fair to ask why an American Jew goes to Israel and starts to rant when the Israeli Jews are in the front lines of every kind of anti semitism and face a 2nd holocaust every single day.
    Predictably and pathetically, she is way out of her league in the historical/geopolitical world. She proves once again she is a vacuous and self promoting big mouthed fool.
    I have seen many B Streisand movies and heard as many recordings – to be fair, she can generally bring it with the best.

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