All Bases Covered

Egypt Hune 30While Dickie claims Israel is licking its chops over the ouster of Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi, Hizbullah’s Al Manar is claiming the exact opposite.

Zionist state officials considered that ousting Mursi threatened the security and stability on the Palestinian-Egyptian borders, especially in Sinai.

They have also admitted that the growing instability in Egypt would make it harder for the Egyptians to maintain their control in Sinai. The officials said the main concern is that the vacuum there will be used to carry out attacks against the Zionist entity.

Although I somehow doubt the veracity of this alleged quote by an Israeli official:

The Zionist entity enjoyed good security cooperation with Egypt under Mursi,” one official said.

Meanwhile, someone at Al Manar has really dropped the ball.

An Israeli official considered that ousting Mursi cannot “vanish the extremists.”

4 thoughts on “All Bases Covered”

  1. Jim from Iowa

    A Zionist entity by any other name would be just as adorable. Come over here and let me give you a big hug.

    1. Jim, I have to say I love your avatar. It reminds me of when our daughter was little, she would go around the house saying in as deep a voice as she could manage, “I Dwount!” I have loved the Count since then.

      1. Jim from Iowa

        Thanks, I have always loved the Count, too. I just hope I don’t get sued. The Children’s Television Workshop has been known to take people to court over copyright infringement. I hope they see my use of Count Von Count’s image as a harmless and loving tribute to the Sesame Street character. If not, I bet there are a few good lawyers on this site who might me help out.

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