It’s A Rap For Terrorist Omar Hammami

Another Islamic terrorist has been introduced to the worms.

omar hammamiAmerican terrorist Omar Hammami, known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki, rapped of being killed by the sharp end of a cruise missile, but on Thursday he was executed in Somalia alongside a British extremist by members of his al-Shabaab terrorist group.

Witnesses said they were killed in a raid on a village, southwest of Mogadishu, in what appears to be the latest round of infighting in the al-Qaeda-linked group that once held sway over Mogadishu but has suffered a series of defeats to African Union forces, The Times reported.

Hammami, according to the British newspaper, published an autobiography on the internet, released a series of comically bad rap songs, and had a $5 million bounty on his head.

In one of his last songs, Send Me a Cruise, he begged America to kill him in an airstrike. “Send me four (missiles) and send me more, that’s what I implore. An amazing martyrdom I strive for and adore,” he sang tunelessly. In other songs he threatened to “knock America down to her knees” and “wipe Israel off the globe.”

The Times reported that Hammami, who took his name from his Syrian-born father, grew up in Alabama and was raised as a Baptist by his mother. Friends said that he listened to the rock group Nirvana and dated one of the prettiest girls in his school before converting to Islam in his teens and growing increasingly devout at the University of South Alabama.

He moved to Somalia in 2006, aged 22, spoke fluent Somali and quickly rose up the terrorists’ ranks, under the patronage of Sheikh Mukhtar Robow.

He said that he feared his life was in danger early last year, after falling foul of one of Robow’s rivals, Ahmed Abdi Godane. “I record this message today because I fear my life may be endangered by (al-Shabaab) because of some differences that occurred regarding matters of the Sharia and of strategy,” he said in a video posted online in March 2012.

Comrades loyal to Godane denounced him for a “narcissistic pursuit of fame.” In April he used Twitter to claim he had survived an assassination attempt.

Omar Hammami, this little rap’s for you..

Yo, Omar Hammami

Who’s your daddy? 

Looks like you’re now one dead jihadi

You loved to rap

And talk much crap

Like ‘Let’s wipe Israel off the map’

You went from looking like “pop”

to “ZZ Top”

Became Robow’s cop

But you’ve been stopped

By crossing Godane

Thought you profane

Of his existence you were bane

You liked Nirvana

But went bananas

And now you’re meeting 72 sultanas


You might be a king or a little street sweeper

But sooner or later you dance with the reaper

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