A Jolt Of Electricity

Something good happened today. My friend Andrew delivered to me a box that will dramatically improve the utility of my Better Place car.

I haven’t said much recently because, honestly, there hasn’t been much good news. I’m still driving my car almost every day despite the closure of the battery switching network and the public charge stations. I’ve had to make a few trips to Jerusalem (for the GA mostly) in my other diesel car and that sucked.

But today I received a box that allows me to plug my car in almost anywhere. My car is now charging at my office, something I’ve never been able to do. It means I can make a 120km trip tonight without going home and switching to the other car.

Andrew is taking orders for this cable and box which he is assembling from imported components here in Israel.

charging cable 3charging cable 4charging cable 5charging cable 1



Brian of London

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