Knife-Loving GUPS President Mohammad Hammad’s Latest Genocidal Rant

mohammadI’ve already posted about Mohammad Hammad, the San Francisco State University General Union of Palestinian Students president who has expressed genocidal views against Israelis, along with a fondness for knives to help do the job.

In a more recent post, he has posted the Facebook profile of a specific female IDF soldier, calling for her “head on a plate”, “as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF.”

Not to mention the destruction of Israel (hat tip: AMCHA).

I won’t link to his sickening post, but here’s some excerpts:

Stories of children killed by IDF soldiers, as in there being an altercation and the soldier responds by firing on the kid and kill them

They make me so, so, so incredibly angry

Of course every death of a Palestinian at the hands of an Israeli piece of shit is going to make me angry, but these more personal stories [not that others are not personal, but you know what I mean]

Like I’m sitting here looking through pictures of that fucking scum xxxxx xxxxx who murdered Mohammad Sulayma back in December of last year, and she was praised for it and faced no fucking repercussions and just


They ask why it is that we as Palestinians hate them so much

They ask why it is that we are so “violent”

They as why it is that we will always refuse peace with these fucking animals

They act surprised when we fight back, when we lash out in frustration, anger, and despair

and we’re still seen as the animals

WE’RE the “uncivilized” ones, WE’RE the ones who are making this all into a “problem”

Anyone who thinks there can be peace with animals like this is absolutely delusional, and the only “peace” I’m interested in is the head of this fucking scum on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF

The Liberation of Palestine can only come through the destruction and decimation of this Israeli plague and it can’t possibly come soon enough.

For the record, the palestinian Hammad mentions as having been murdered reportedly threatened the soldier’s subordinate with what later turned out to have been a realistic-looking fake handgun.

After the event, the officer countered questions about her conduct and said that she had acted correctly and in full compliance with the army’s rules of engagement.

The officer, a 20-year-old from Tel Aviv, recounted the events in interviews with Israeli media late Tuesday night, saying that she and two border police soldiers under her command were manning a checkpoint near the Cave of the Patriarchs when the young Palestinian approached them.

“Following the standard procedure, the soldier who was with me asked him for an ID,” she said. “The Palestinian handed him his documents and I entered the room to run a background check.”

While inside, she continued, she looked out and saw that the Palestinian had charged the soldier and drawn what appeared to be a pistol.

“With one hand,” she related, “he grabbed the soldier’s neck and pressed against him, and with the other he put the pistol to the soldier’s temple. In that situation, the soldier couldn’t break free or react.”

The female officer, who was only a few meters away, cocked her weapon.

“I was looking for an angle from which to fire without hurting the soldier,” she said, and it was only after she ascertained that his life was in danger that she pulled the trigger.

“After the first shot, he continued to hold the pistol to the soldier’s temple, so I fired two more bullets,” she said, at which point the Palestinian fell to the ground, and she quickly kicked the gun away.

“It was my first time in a combat situation,” she said, explaining that she had reacted “exactly like I was taught.”

With a gun being held to the soldier’s head, there was no way she could fire a warning shot, the officer said. “My subordinate’s life was in immediate danger,” and it was important to fire without hitting him, she said.

She rebutted the notion of her being a hero, saying: “Any soldier in my position would have done the same.”

But be that as it may, Hammad has once again expressed his genocidal desires and called for the murder of a specific individual.

AMCHA Initiative has posted they have notified SFSU President Wong and other University officials.

I sincerely hope this is taken seriously before we read about him killing someone.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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