Mayim Bialik Loves Israeli Toilet Paper

finest israeli toilet paper decorated with little love hearts
“even the toilet paper in israel is adorable.” – Photo Credit: Mayim Bialik’s twitter feed

Dave usually does the celeb posts but what the heck, I can fill in. I guess my issue with the culture of celebrity is that this kind of stuff shouldn’t really matter. Technically, I guess, Mayim Bialiak is a colleague of mine as I’ve written one post on the Jewish parenting site Kveller where she announced her trip and what she plans to do while here. Heck, both of us even have PhDs!

And nestling amongst trips to the Kotel, eating the world’s finest humus and visiting a tank museum she also wants to meet my friend, Sarah Tuttle Singer. It’s all just so wonderfully normal.

For those of you who don’t know who Mayim Bialik is, this bio from the Times of Israel will set you straight.

Bialik was best known for her lead role in the NBC sitcom “Blossom,” and has been nominated for two Emmys for her recurring role as Amy Farrah Fowler, Sheldon’s love interest on CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory.” In her private life, she holds a PhD in neuroscience, is recently divorced and writes frequently about attachment parenting, veganism and the challenges of being an observant Jew in Hollywood.

Mayim Bialik profile picShe’s here with her two sons for a holiday and to see Israel and we at Israellycool know that there is nothing better for Israel than when people come and visit.

And the really positive thing about someone like Mayim coming is just how normal it is to get on a plane in LA and get off in Israel. For her, of course, keeping kosher and observing the sabbath is just a whole lot easier in Israel as a holiday destination, than anywhere else in the world.

And it’s great to think that her multitude of fans will simply know Israel is a great place to visit. And the toilet paper really does have hearts on it here.

And her coach seat on ElAl on the way here was cramped (something I also know all too well from that insanely long LA flight).

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