Jamel al-Jamal’s Daughter Claims Father Was Assassinated

Yesterday, I posted about the explodation of Jamel al-Jamal, the palestinian “ambassador” in Prague.

Despite Czech authorities concluding it was the result of “inexpert handling of an explosive,” as well as the fact an arms cache was found at the residence, the victim’s daughter is claiming it was an assassination.

jamal al jamalThe daughter of the Palestinian ambassador to Czech Republic who died in Prague Wednesday said an explosive device in his house was planted to assassinate him.

“The information about a safety device detonating in his safe is untrue,” Jamal al-Jamal’s daughter said.

“The safe has been used daily for 30 years in the headquarters of the Palestinian embassy. It is old, not modern, and has no (hi-tech) devices,” Rana al-Jamal said.

She added that her father had used the safe without being harmed before heading to Egypt two months ago, a period in which the safe was used by other employees in the embassy.

“When my father returned a few days ago to the Czech embassy, the safe was moved by a Czech moving company to his house the night before the explosion” al-Jamal said. “A replacement safe was put in the embassy and the old one which was the size of a mini-fridge was taken to the ambassador’s house.”

She said the explosion did not come from inside the safe, but from underneath it, insisting that the incident was not an accident, but that her father was “assassinated.”

Interesting enough, she seems to have stopped short of blaming you-know-who.

Meanwhile, the palestinians will have many questions to answer as the Czechs go about investigating al-Jamal’s death.

“I think the Palestinian administration should explain many questions related to the explosion,” security expert Andor Sandor, the former head of Czech military intelligence, told AFP.

“First, why do they breach the Vienna Convention setting rules for diplomatic relations and activities, second, why diplomatic immunity is being abused for activities that cannot be considered legal,” he said.

“Another question is whether they have more safes like this on Czech territory, in their flats, and who installs such systems there,” Sandor added.

Zoulova told AFP it was “definitely not standard to have an arsenal of weapons or explosives in such a building.”

“This is a question the police are dealing with within the investigations,” she said.


David Lange

A law school graduate, David Lange transitioned from work in the oil and hi-tech industries into fulltime Israel advocacy. He is a respected commentator and Middle East analyst who has often been cited by the mainstream media

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