Curiyo Sity Comes To Israellycool


Curiyo pop up showing SodaStream on IsraellycoolIsrael is known as the startup nation and it would be rude if Israellycool didn’t get in on the act from time to time.

We’re testing a new informational add on called Curiyo. This is a small Israeli startup founded by a serial (and successful) entrepreneur Bob Rosenschein who previously founded and sold

Curiyo has two parts: one is a browser plug in you can install yourself which then gives you access to Curiyo on any website you go to.

The second part we have installed on Israellycool. This will sometimes put a dotted underline words on our site and when this happens if you “long-click” (hold the mouse button down on the word) you will get a pop up with more information. Try it for SodaStream. There is a tab in this box called Israellycool that will take you to other articles about that word on our site.

I’ve been testing the browser plug in and have found it to be unobtrusive. It never pops up a box without you choosing and, even though most of the information it shows is currently coming from Wikipedia, it is sometimes useful. There is a similar dictionary feature when I right click on words on the Mac I use and this provides a nice informational addition to that.

Update 17:00: I’ve been using Curiyo now on Israellycool and I’m really loving it! I click on Haaretz, select the Israellycool tab and get links to all our recent articles on Ha’aretz. I love that. Seriously cool and useful. Ha’aretz (and Haaretz) are only clickable if you have the browser plug in and there’s clearly some work need as the apostrophe causes issues, but the potential for this to be really useful is already there.

Let me know in the comments what you think!


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