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Startup Dispatches: Crowdmii And MyMDband

I’m meeting some very interesting new Israeli Startups at The Hive

Iron Dome: How The Miracle Happened

Gen. Dr. Daniel Gold talks about how the Iron Dome project actually managed to succeed.

The Israeli Angle On Chile’s Amazing Earthquake Preparedness

Israeli eVigilo’s SMART Alert system was able to successfully alert and notify the Chilean population to prepare for evacuation

Curiyo Sity Comes To Israellycool

Israel is known as the startup nation and it would be rude if Israellycool didn’t get in on the act from time to time.

Cool Israeli Tech You BDSHoles Can’t Have

One of the internet's top tech sites rates Israel's top 20 tech startups

This Could Be The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship

My new Better Place Electric Renault Fluence ZE has finally arrived.

Chinese Man Cons Sky News

It's held together with snot and bogies, but I think it's going to work!

Now This Is Going To Be Painless – Battery Switch

The world's media come to Israel and like something!

Electric Cars Are Just Better Than Regular Cars

The lack of vibration, the silence while sitting in traffic, the INSTANT power because of no gear box make total sense.

The Only Monopoly Is The One Oil Has Over Transport Now

Israeli Electric Vehicle Government Policy document is practically begging for competitors to compete to displace oil

Have You Joined Conservatives For OPEC? AKA Volt Bashing Right Wingers

If Big Oil grew weed, Detroit would be making the bongs. Let’s get something straight, the bailout of the US car companies didn’t only happen because the auto industry was lobbying.

Burying The Lead – Better Place And The Smart Grid

It might be a fight about wires on streets, but its really about the future of the electricity grid.

RTFM: Bricking An Electric Car Battery

The moral of the story applies to all modern electronic devices with lithium batteries: keep 'em topped up. If you're storing them for a while take them out and charge them up every couple of weeks.

And Now Something Really Clever

When he gets to the part about how the network of charging cars can be controlled centrally you may just understand quite how clever Better Place is.


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