Introducing Zion Mike


Zionmike4When Aussie Dave first asked me to blog for Israellycool, a blog that I have read and admired probably since its inception, I politely declined. The reason being, I consider myself a relatively provincial blogger. I use my own blog, The Mike Report, to pontificate semi-coherently on issues related to the crossroads of Seattle and Israel. This may seem like an odd juxtaposition, but the Pacific Northwest has become the center of Israel-obsessed hatred in North America. Unfortunately there is much to blog about in that regard.

But Aussie Dave is persistent, so here I am.

I was directed to share a little bit about myself.  OK, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, born and bred. I have had some slight detours. A year in Israel after high school (too many years ago) where I learned at Yeshivat Bet-El, a life changing experience to be sure.  I spent another ten years in Brooklyn (its near New York) working for a major social service agency. I am married, with four beautiful children, to be more precise two can no longer be considered children.

In any case, aside from my faith, my family and napping, my passion is for all things Israel.

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A semi hard working family man, Zion Mike's primary goal is getting a good nap. Living in a world of demented anti-Israel wackiness has compelled Mike to blog here. He is consistently surprised when people take notice.