The Israel haters are in a blood-fueled frenzy this week. As divestment resolutions were being forced through the senates of UC Davis and the University of Washington, the BDS movement unveiled the latest tactic in their war against the Jewish state. Anti-Israel student groups are pressuring student leaders to sign a pledge against visiting Israel with any non BDS approved program. “Are you now or have you ever been on an Aish Hatorah sponsored trip to Israel?”  Those who refuse to sign are subjected to a brutal public shaming.

Avinoam Baral, a native of Seattle and student leader at UCLA learned the consequences of refusing to sign the anti-Israel pledge. A coordinated and ferocious assault on Baral’s integrity and very decency has been let loose under the aegis of  BDS student groups,  and even one of the student newspapers.

Despite  this disturbing news, the greatest bellwether of  these turbulent times is a speaking engagement next week at the University of Washington by anti-Israel radical, Ali Abunimah.  Abunimah is an anti-Semite.  That is not me  labeling him as such (although I happily would),  it is virulent Israel critic MJ Rosenberg.  Said Rosenberg of Abunimah  in a blog post in October of 2013.

His feed is one hateful tweet after another. Yeah, yeah, I know he is careful to scream about Israelis or Zionists and not Jews, but he doesn’t fool me. Or any Jew who doesn’t want to be fooled.

But there is one good thing about Ali Abunimah. There is a tendency among Jews on the left, including myself, to argue so vehemently that being anti-Israel does not make one an anti-Semite that we don’t notice when being anti-Israel coexists with anti-Semitism, that one just feeds the other. We should.

Bottom line: I believe that Ali Abunimah would be ecstatic if Israel was destroyed, blown off the face of the earth, along with every one of its people because, after all, the Jews in Palestine are, by definition, Zionists, even the kids. Settlers, colonialists, baby killers, torturers, invaders and all the other labels he uses that exempt no Jew in any part of Israel or Palestine.

So, thanks, Ali. As long as there are people around like you, I will never lull myself into believing that anti-Semitism is a thing of the past.  It isn’t.

But here is the shocker. Abunimah’s Israel-hating screed at a public funded University will be paid for by mine (and if you are a US citizen your) tax dollars! The event is co-sponsored by The University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity.

That is correct, a flaming Jew hater will be speaking against Jews and the Jewish state at a Public University, and we, the targets of his animus will be helping to foot the bill. Nice.

10 thoughts on “US Jews Pay To Be Vilified”

  1. Norman_In_New_York

    Does the University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity receive federal grants? Any evidence of such linkage would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I have no idea how funds are dispersed to individual departments. But all public universities in the US to my knowledge receive significant federal funding in one form or other.

    2. Hard Little Machine

      It really doesn’t matter. Antisemitic hate speech, calls for genocide and active ethnic cleansing of Jews from University groups is no longer against the law in American Colleges.

  2. ali and his jew hating bruh maxxie are on a usa tour of hate

    at least this time he is not being sponsored by the school’s jewish studies program…as has happened in the past

  3. i gotta disagree with mj on this one

    ali doesnt want for all the jews of israel to be killed and/or expelled

    he supports a “one state” solution so to return jews to their rightful dhimmi status

    this is made clear by his perpetrating the myth that prior to zionism, the jews and arabs in the ME lived in perfect harmony

  4. Followed the Student newspaper links. Anyone who follows their links to what they consider Islamophobic (another golemism) will see the Islamofascists hate in their own words.
    Overall it’s priceless. Only Jew sponsored tours or Israel are verboten. The emotional blackmail propaganda excursons they offer are, naturally, kosher. The jack-booted group think thought police aspect of this is sooo transparent.

  5. Until the inflated concept of a “college
    education” is diminished and disregarded, the Marxist infiltration and
    domination of the ‘education’ system will continue. Every dollar you
    give to a college that has Marxist professors will enable those
    Marxists to do anything except what they should do: starve to death or
    be in prison. The esteem attached to a college degree and professors
    must be eliminated, especially since you dont need a college degree to
    succeed in the world.

    Jewish and capitalist parents would do
    well to investigate the political leanings of the campuses they send
    their children to. And also urge your friends and family to do the same.
    Additionally, you should advocate for cutting taxpayer funds to
    “public” universities so that they have to fend for themselves and
    actually produce worthy degrees, as opposed to the ubiquitous Gender

  6. We need to stop telling our kids to go to college to get more knowledge because frankly they dont. Especially at the “public” ones. Boycott the boycotters and these useless gasbags will soon be begging for donations on the street, just to eat.

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