Jews Conquer Europe

10 thoughts on “Jews Conquer Europe”

      1. Canada does. (Go Bluejays)…but other than that, you’re right.

        And Ben, the reason Israel plays in Europe is because the countries in Asia where is surrounded by are too busy mistreating, raping and killing themselves and others.. Sports are an apostasy and an obstacle to their culture of violence.

  1. Jim from Iowa

    This is great stuff, but where is Lebron James? Oh, wait a minute….this isn’t the NBA. It’s some other place where they play basketball, too. Well, isn’t that nice.

    1. Tell me, please, that you are a plant and your real name is, in reality, Billy-Bob ‘Jimmy’ McDonald, a 70-year-old self-proclaimed radical with a desire to undermine them dar Jews through oh, so elaborate stupidity. Please. Cos, otherwise, you’re an inexcusable disgrace.
      Many of the Machals weren’t Jewish. Should we dig up their graves? A lot of support for Israel, political and financial, is derived from non-Jews…shall we tell them to f-off?

      1. Mike Lasowsky

        I wasn’t trying to be offensive. I just think that Israeli sports and culture should be for Jews ONLY. Lost my grandparents and father in the Holocaust.


        1. I wasn’t trying to be offensive.

          Congratulations. You managed it without trying.

          I just think that Israeli sports and culture should be for Jews ONLY

          Why? Lots of Israeli athletes are Arabs–why should they be excluded? And if you think players should only play for their own countries, then do you think the Israeli footballers who are playing in Europe should be kicked off their teams?

          Lost my grandparents and father in the Holocaust

          How is that relevant?


          If you can understand WHY what you said was offensive, then I am prepared, on my own behalf, to accept your apology. I can’t, of course, speak for anyone else.

          1. Mike Lasowsky

            I’m interested to know your position on Rabin and the Oslo Accords before I respond any further to you.

  2. I watched this match and couldn’t believe the tension I felt. Haven’t really been interested in basketball since the dismantling of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls’ team, but the ebb-and-flow was enthralling! Judging by twitter, Maccabi were getting A LOT of support from Barca fans!

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