Passenger In Tel Aviv Tried To Let Her Go…But He Didn’t Go

Hit folk-rock singer, Michael Rosenberg (AKA Passenger), joined in the ranks of international artists who defied BDS‘ call for all artists to boycott Israel by not playing here.

Well, as the record shows, he did quite the opposite and more:

Mike Rosenberg Live At The Barbi

Mike Rosenberg Live At The Barby

On June 10th he had his gig at a popular Israeli rock club known as “The Barby” but the awesomeness didn’t end there…

A quick look at his official Facebook fan-page shows how much he enjoyed the concert in Tel Aviv…


And as if that wasn’t enough of a #BDSFail, the very next day he decided to have a busking session along the famous Nahalat Binyamin street in Tel Aviv and well I guess he just couldn’t “Let Her Go“….



Enjoy some of the fan videos of his busking session, that I found floating around.

I don’t think enough fans filmed him 🙂


Mike, if I may call you that, you are a real mensch and a gentleman, don’t ever let that go! 😉

Next #BDSfail on the horizon is Sinead O’Connor


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