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South African born Israeli Zionist Jew on a lifetime mission...lover of Freedom, Goldstar, Hummus and the most moral army which has ever existed, the IDF. He also blogs here.

12,000+ Rally In Johannesburg For Israel

Massive support from Johannesburg.

UN Rep Admits Hamas Fires Rockets By UNRWA Facilities

What is the purpose of the UN if they allow this?

Photo Of The Day: Proud Israeli Muslim Mom & 2 IDF Sons

An Israeli Muslim Arab lady and her 2 IDF soldier sons.

IDF Soldier Helps Chained & Starving Palestinian Man In Gaza

The beauty of an IDF soldier.

Pro-Israel Rally In Belgium

The Muscles From Brussels...

UFC Fighter & IDF Soldier, Noad Lahat, Interviewed By CNN

Mess with the best, die like the rest...

My 2 BBC Interviews This Week

This is the BBC...

Eulogy For IDF Soldier Max Steinberg In Israel

Your memory will always remain with us.

Large Pro-Israel Rally In Kensington London

Huge support from London baby!

Lunatic Israel Haters Harass Pro-Israel Girl In Melbourne

They keep proving how much they are not interested in intelligent dialogue.

Antisemitic Pro-Hamas Rally In Berlin

If you are Pro-Hamas, you are Pro-Jew Hatred...It's a proven fact.

Violent Muslim Mob Assaults Peaceful Pro-Israel Protesters In Calgary

Anti-Israelis have no argument, so they resort to violence...
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