Rihanna Tweets #FreePalestine


Following the Dwight Howard (and Amare Stoudemire) tweets supporting “Palestine” comes the latest celebrity to tweet their support for those lobbing rockets at us – and then summarily delete the tweet.

rihanna tweet

Yep. Pop star Rihanna – who was in Israel late last year – has apparently decided to do what all the “cool” kids are doing.

Which makes this mistake by Ha’aretz rather prophetic.

Perhaps this will put Rihanna back in the Arabs’ good books.

Update: According to TMZ, Rihanna denies doing it on purpose.

Rihanna deleted her #FreePalestine tweet 8 minutes after she posted it because she says it was never meant to be sent out in the first place … a source close to the singer tells TMZ.

One source connected to the situation tells TMZ, “She deleted it because it was never meant to be tweeted,” adding, “She didn’t even realize it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans.”

The source says Rihanna was reading about the Middle East conflict online when she clicked a link. The next thing she knew … her fans were asking her why she was pro-Palestine.

The explanation is obviously curious. In order to tweet, someone would either have to type the message or cut and paste it, and then click the “Tweet” button.

Our source says Rihanna is not pro-Palestine or pro-Israel … “she is pro-peace,” saying, “She doesn’t want innocent people dying.”

I call BS on this excuse.

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